revel in the burden - transfusion

no whirlpool of panicked winds

no vital turbulence

a warm bath was lulling me

wrists leaking draining me

I read words for transfusion

watched scenes of survival

I felt spasms I was

waking up a ghost

I stepped out of the water

walked in from the weather

a new suit for a man

with a twitch of power left

I felt honour embrace me

dignify and revive me

I revel in the burden that's

rolling up and down the hill


I misread all the charges

the price needed for virtue

"how much have you got"

he laughed behind the stall

until you settle the deal

flick plastic it's not real

I didn't think that I had

so much left to trade

I went down like a mole to the ground

away from any comforting sound

no eyes no voice

and deep in the ground I went

I took solace in layers 

no the thought of the surface,

I was filtering dirt

and I burrowed into sleep

she took me really easy this time

to her world, of sleepers  

in a small stark cell

she lay body my on the bed she said

"it's only from here you can wake

there's so little, that you can take

you are lucky you have

left so much behind"

I'm aware that I am still

this dirt smells so different

I sense light through my  lids

then I breathe