1  revel in the burden     3:54

2  i should know            4:17


Sisyphus Happy is a four track EP. There are two songs, each with a remodelled version of itself. Though each pair shares a similar being, one is not simply a cut'n'mash remix of the other. These bifurcated versions explore the  alternative directions and possible latent meanings.

Which is the original and which the remodel does not concern Sisyphus. For though it is possible he is in all places at once on that slope, we might rather imagine that these songs place him in the moments between descent and ascent, between then and now. Taking cues from Camus and the personal experience, we must imagine Sisyphus Happy in either or all of these songs.

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3  transfusion                  7:49

4  depth height               5:23

thanks to  tj eckleberg, luke turner,

               william bowden, green distribution

i should know - youtube video

released: october 2013 - TKM015G

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