01  audition

02  neotopian scratch

03  the addressee

04  ventroliquized self

05  teased by air

06  spree

07  insonance

08  this particular

09  that universal

10  pianothexic

11  imminent and

12  deferred

total time:  38:53

ARGOT is an album of experimental electronic composition. It explores a sonic language between the veiled source and its affirmed corruption, between defaulted melody and maximalist presence. It could be said that it is music about music, about inventing possibility, and rendering resonant-sense as imminent and deferred.

composed + produced x tom kazas

april > december 2016 melbourne australia

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listen to the album at youtube or bandcamp

released february 2017 - TKM019Q

cover image: ‘126,270,089’ by Joshua Citarella    see the original image